Chef jason howard

To all my Facebook  friends and followers,
I have had the dream of opening my own restaurant for sometime. NOW, it’s time to pursue this dream wholeheartedly with some help and support from you all.
Friends, food lovers and fellow Caribbean family, will you all help me to spread the word that I, jason howard have set the intention to open the 1st modern Caribbean fine dining restaurant in London with the goal of gaining the Caribbean’s 1st ever Michelin star for Caribbean cuisine?
This will be the 1st the world has ever seen.  It will tantalize your taste buds and inspire younger chefs to see the potential of Caribbean food as a refined cuisine, operating on a par with others, at any level, in any establishment, worldwide.
I am appealing for your support in the coming days to get this project off the ground and make this dream a reality.
Let’s do it!

And the Campaign to raise funds is now live on go funds me…
Culinary regards

Chef jason howard





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  1. elolohorgli says:

    Lovely.. wish you the best

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