Mario Navarrete Jr., a Peruvian chef, will open “Callao” in Montreal


Increasingly Peruvian chefs who are outside the country succeed. This time Mario Navarrete Jr. opens his new bar “Callao” in Montreal, Canada.

Lima . Peruvian cuisine continues to win new areas in the world. This time, the Peruvian chef Mario Navarrete Jr. It is very happy to open soon “Callao”, a Peruvian cantina in Montreal, as told the newspaper El Comercio.

This new idea was born many years ago. After closing Raza, a Peruvian restaurant, decided to start this new adventure. “Callao” is not a bar as the rest, but here you will notice the elegance of the place and try something simple to eat. Only the opening will be in May 2014 is expected.

Meanwhile, he keeps busy with his local “Mother,” another restaurant where delights its customers with delicious Peruvian dishes.

He explained that Callao will have a private room for 10 diners where Peruvian dishes that were served at Raza be shared.


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