Patisseria located in Turkey

This place has some of the most beautiful cakes i have ever seen…………..


12010_556725561034469_2140942773_n 64097_556723237701368_181713972_n 77140_556731251033900_1322365868_n 156533_551239044916454_1864918995_n 312390_533033500070342_1799422665_n 525177_556723717701320_1635054483_n 525326_556725977701094_631482566_n 526443_544941098879582_256633823_n 539765_531850536855305_304913692_n 541375_556735657700126_1098430681_n 548319_551241581582867_820815235_n 558027_556725484367810_1450195270_n 563612_556723171034708_1416648490_n 603839_556736211033404_596798216_n 1503874_692965417410482_1338563515_n


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