Snow Cream

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It’s neither snow cones nor ice cream but somewhere in between. Imagine ice crystals mixed with dairy and other flavorings – black sesame, mango, litchi coconut, green tea, taro, honeydew melon – and frozen into a cylindrical block. The outside layer is shaved off and lands in the bowl like ribbons, with dozens of topping options from condensed milk to mochi balls, gummi bears and Oreo pieces. If the trend holds, it may be this decade’s answer to tangy frozen yogurt.Like boba tea, snow cream has roots in Taiwan and came to the U.S. mainland largely through California (such as Snowflake Cafe in Dublin, Calif. and Blockheads and Chill Factory Shavery in L.A.).You know a food’s gone from curiosity to trend when a top chef starts selling it in Vegas. Jet Tila (“Iron Chef America”) launched Kuma Snow Cream in Chinatown there in May. “Snow cream is lighter, just as customizable, and as satisfying as ice cream and fro-yo,” he says. Yet it’s much lower in calories: one serving Kuma snow cream (pre-toppings) is just 30 calories. Customers, he says, “want a lot of flavor but also have the control over how guilty to make their dessert.”


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  1. LFFL says:

    That looks so cool!

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