Cuban Sandwich

Description: A grilled or griddled sandwichfrom the 1930’s. Mustard adds a punch to the flavor to this classic “Cuban Sandwich” with a lot of history. The story goes factory workers in the sugar mills & cigar factories could eat quickly as eateries were set up in the factories, cost, about 6 cents each! Tostones go well w/this sandwich.



Kaiser Bun or for a twist try Challah bread    1 loaf   Sliced horiziontal


Mustard – prepared     as needed


Baked Ham     8 oz     sliced thin


Roast Pork      8 oz     sliced thin


Dill pickles      8/10 each         sliced thin


Swiss cheese   8 oz     sliced thin


Salt & Pepper  to taste


Olive oil or melted butter, or a blend of each. as needed on the grill & sandwich

Spread a thin layer of mustard on top & bottom halves of bread.

Arrange ham, pork, swiss & pickle slices evenly over the bottom half.

Season w/ S&P.

Cover with the top half, into 4 equal portions.

Using a sandwich press, Panini grill, waffle iron, place sandwichs in the middle, close grill or griddle press untill the cheese is melted & the loaf has a golden brown appearence, remove from iron, cut each sandwich in half.

Serve each sandwich with Plantains & extra mustard for dipping.


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