Thanksgiving post delay!!!

Hello Everyone,

With thanksgiving fast approaching I will be busy with work, I will be posting pics of this huge mise en place till i am able to post a few new recipes..

The Turkeys have arrived…..

The brining process begins 6-8hours in the solution then they will be ready for the oven.


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  1. wildchow says:

    I love Thanksgiving Turkey! Six more weeks to wait here!

    1. LOL, I use to love it 7 years ago, hmmmm just before i started working at the Inn.
      We are cooking 24 / 30lb Turkeys, we will make 100lbs of stuffing, 100 liters of Harvest soup, serve 150 portions of pumpkin cheesecake, 200 portions of apple crisp.
      200 lbs of candied yams, 300lbs of mashed potatoes… oh yes 100 liters of gravy…
      feel the love 🙂

  2. Mrs F with 4 says:

    Thanksgiving still surprises me every year… I guess I am not truly Canadian yet!

    And no, I’m not cooking turkey…. Maybe I’ll sneak some leftovers from the Inn..

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