Fresh, cool fish, subtly seasoned rice and the tingle of wasabi—sushi is the essence of the ocean in one bite.

The sushi that we eat today has its origins in fish preservation techniques that are hundreds of years old. Then, fish filled our oceans. Today, there are serious concerns about the number of fish left in the sea and it’s time to create new traditions.

The Seafood Watch Sushi Guide helps you order seafood that’s sustainably caught or farmed. It introduces you to new flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Sustainable sushi—it satisfies the senses.


are abundant, wellmanaged
and caught or farmed in
environmentally friendly ways.
Arctic Char (farmed)
Barramundi (US farmed)
Catfish (US farmed)
Clams, Mussels, Oysters (farmed)
Clams: Softshell/Steamers (wild)
Cobia (US farmed)
Cod: Atlantic (imported hook & line)
Crab: Dungeness, Stone
Croaker: Atlantic*
Haddock (US hook & line)
Halibut: Pacific (US)
Lobster: Spiny (US)
Salmon (Alaska wild)
Scallops (farmed off-bottom)
Squid: Longfin (US)
Striped Bass (farmed and wild*)
Swordfish (Canada and US,
harpoon and handline)*
Tilapia (US farmed)
Trout: Rainbow (US farmed)
Tuna: Albacore, Skipjack, Yellowfin
(US troll/pole)
Tuna: Bigeye (US Atlantic troll/pole)
for now as these items
are overfished or caught or farmed
in ways that harm other marine life
or the environment.

Caviar, Sturgeon* (imported wild)
Chilean Seabass/Toothfish*
Cod: Atlantic (trawled, Canada and US)
Crab: King (imported)
Flounders, Halibut, Soles (US Atlantic,
except Summer Flounder)
Hake: White
Mahi Mahi (imported longline)
Orange Roughy*
Pollock: Atlantic (Iceland trawled)
Salmon (farmed, including Atlantic)*
Sharks* and Skates
Shrimp (imported)
Snapper: Red
Swordfish (imported)*
Tilapia (Asia farmed)
Tilefish (US Southeast)*
Tuna: All Canned, Albacore*, Skipjack,
Tongol (except troll/pole)
Tuna: Bigeye, Yellowfin (longline,
except US Atlantic)*
Tuna: Bluefin*
*Limit consumption due to concerns about
mercury or other contaminants.

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