How To Thaw Frozen Food Safely

How To Thaw Frozen Food
There are 4 basic methods of thawing food and not all of them as safe for all foods. These four methods include the fridge, cold water, the microwave and the counter.

The fridge is the safest way to thaw food, when in doubt thaw it in the fridge. However, the fridge is also the slowest way to thaw food. This method is ideal for meats, dairy and anything else usually stored cold. You can also thaw breads and baked goods, pastas, rice, beans and fruit in the fridge. Whole meals with any of these items also do well in the fridge.

Allow adequate time for thawing and try not to push the food to the back of the fridge where it is the coldest.

Thawing food in the fridge is easy. Just leave the food in the freezer container until it is fully thawed. Planning ahead is essential for this method.

2.Cold Water
Cold water is as safe as thawing in the fridge when done right and most foods can be thawed this way. It is also faster than using the fridge. This method is great for meat, fruit, cooked meals, sauces, vegetables and dairy. Do not thaw baked goods in cold water.

Make sure the food is in a water proof package and submerge it in cold water. You can use a bucket if you’ll need your sink. Every 20 minutes the water must be drained and fresh cold water added or leave the water running slowly  to make sure the temperature doesn’t get too warm and bacteria doesn’t start to grow.

The microwave is the fastest way to thaw food but gives the most uneven results. Food can start cooking on the outside while the inside is still frozen and the microwave usually dries out foods. Use this method only when necessary.

Any food thawed in the microwave needs to be cooked immediately and cooked foods reheated in the microwave should be eaten soon.


4. Counter top
Chicken (meat/seafood) can not be thawed safely on the counter. Harmful bacteria can grow between 40F and 140F. Freezing does not kill bacteria, it just stops it from growing so bacteria will continue to multiple if your thawing chicken on the countertop.haw Food Tips

  • Leave the food in the same package in was in in the freezer.
  • Use a platter if necessary to catch as juice that might drip from meats, fruit or liquids.
  • If you doubt your food is safe throw it out, it’s not worth getting sick

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  1. MrsF says:

    “planning ahead is essential for this method”.


    That has to be the understatement of the century!

    1. Some people have no clue about this, and put themselves and family at risk for food poisoning

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