What are probiotics?

Probiotics are organisms that promote healthy life. They are the opposite of antibiotics, which kill both beneficial and harmful organisms. The probiotic system in our body is called Flora and it is broken down into 2 categories: 1.) lactobacilli found in the small intestine and 2.) bifidobacteria found in the colon. These valuable bacteria live in harmony with the body, keeping us healthy.

Our intestinal flora serves as the front line of our immune system. During the winter season when antibiotics are often used, our flora can be depleted. Probiotics help to replenish our flora and strengthen our immune system. Probiotics also help us to manufacture vitamins B, K and A, foster good digestion, build strong immunity, regulate our cholesterol and promote a healthy metabolism.

Probiotics from a natural food source by way of fermentation is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to support good health. This is not a new concept, but rather a thousand year old practice that has supported the health of many different cultures. Fermented foods are enjoyed daily around the globe, often with every meal, as a delicious way to maintain wellness. In Japan pickles – daikon, ginger, oshinko – are served with each meal, in Germany they enjoy sauerkraut, in Korea its Kimchi/Kim Chee and in India chutneys accompany the meal.

Traditional fermentation of whole foods:

  1. preserves nutrients
  2. breaks down food making it easier to digest
  3. creates new nutrients (credited with vitamin B12 in fermented plant food)
  4. cultivates antioxidants
  5. removes toxins from the food and body

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